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WARNING!! Don't Buy a BBQ until you've read this.. The 7 Most Costly Mistakes People Make When Buying a BBQ
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Why have just a BBQ when you can have a whole Outdoor Kitchen? 


We know you fancy yourself as the BBQ King, but why stop there when you can be the head chef of an outdoor kitchen? Whether you want to wow the neighbours, lay your claim as the host with the most, simply love cooking outdoors or fancy improving the value of your house, the outdoor kitchen is an excellent all-round option. 

Enhancing the barbie buzz

A built-in BBQ significantly improves your outdoor cooking experience as it provides your faithful barbie with stability and a permanent home, but you can enhance it much further with a few additional kitchen touches. No cooking area is complete without prep space and storage, and these sleek stainless steel units provide both in spades. By choosing the right combination of drawers and cupboards you can store all your utensils, serving dishes and crockery, as well as allowing you to spread out across much-needed worktops. If you have one either side of your barbie you can even have separate raw and cooked surfaces.

Angus Jeffrey Kitchen

Whatever the weather

Your outdoor kitchen needs to withstand the elements, which is why our units are made from 304 stainless steel; a high grade alloy containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. The protective layer makes it very durable and will serve you well for many years if you treat it right. A gentle rub with the grain of the steel using a soft cloth and water, or mild detergent, should be sufficient to keep your units gleaming; never use wire wool, metal brushes or abrasive cleaning agents. Brown discoloration known as tea staining can occur in a coastal location, but this is only cosmetic and your units will be as sturdy as ever. 

Everything you want and more

Whether you are the chef supreme and run the whole show, or have a sous-chef helping you out, you’ll want a fully-stocked outdoor kitchen. Once you’ve got your BBQ and side units in place, you can add anything you fancy providing you have external electricity and plumbing; a woodfired pizza oven, drinks fridge, mini dishwasher, lights, heater and recycling bins. You could even try your hand at some home-grown ingredients with a few pots of frequently used herbs or chillies on hand ready to pick and use. 

Outdoor Kitchen 2

A sweet spot for socialising

You’ll want to socialise with your guests while you cater, rather than be stuck on your own, so finish off with some comfy chairs, an umbrella and a dining suite and suddenly your beautiful outdoor kitchen becomes an amazing focal point for your whole garden. As well as creating the wow factor, this extended living space will improve the value of your house; market your property in the spring to really whet the appetite of potential buyers who will visualise themselves in your garden, and see the price soar. 

Outdoor Kitchen resized 2

So what are you waiting for? Mark off your area, lay an easy-to-clean floor and get designing. Your outdoor kitchen will be as unique are you are and will undoubtedly stamp your card as the BBQ King.


WARNING!! Don't Buy a BBQ until you've read this.. The 7 Most Costly Mistakes People Make When Buying a BBQ
Simply enter your name and email to receive your Free Report